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Transition Course : (Level 2)

Transition Course has been designed for learners who already know English reasonably well and they need to fine tune their English for higher excellence. Grammar is taught at this level too but here Grammar is but a means to an en but not an end in itself. A balance in good communication and skills are developed.

Manners maketh a man, and so in this course we aim at making great men and women of our students. The course trains you on areas like Grooming and Corporate Etiquette.

The Transition course is also ample learning ground to hone your Presentation Skills, we teach our students in how to make vibrant and captivating presentations. It teaches you how to stand out in a Group Discussion, the etiquettes one must follow in group discussion, and also how to come out sounding assertive than aggressive.

Interviews are very often a tricky proposition for most job hunters; our students gain the confidence to face even the toughest and grueling of interviewers with the utmost confidence, Interviews are after all about skill and as with any other skill it can be honed and improved

Our methodology adopted form some of the greatest minds of our time aims at making great Orators, Debaters and Managers of our students.


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