Change Institutes Partners:

Biz On Cloud Systems
Biz on Cloud Systems customers are disrupting the status quo, changing the game, and innovating their way to the top of their industries. Whether customers established enterprises or cutting edge start-ups, they are trusting Biz on Cloud Systems as an credible partner to develop and deliver innovative software solutions.
Ivorians Student’s Association
Our association’s AE2I (Ivorians Student’s Association in India) is the association of all Ivorians students living on Indian soil. However, its scope is mainly the city of Bangalore in Karnataka state.In this sense, the mission that our association has set, revolves around the following points:- Improve the fraternal relations between Ivorians in India
– Fighting for the interests of Ivorians living in India
– Open a connection and exchange of information for studies in India
– Encourage Effort and Excellence in studies and research
– Fighting for assistance and support for studies in India
– To promote cultural and educational exchanges with other associations and organizations
– To promote Ivorian culture
– Promote the social and professional integration in industry for Ivorians
– Growing the entrepreneurial spirit