IELTS Speaking (Part 2 )

In the IELTS speaking Part 2, you will be  given a topic by the examiner, and you have to speak for two minutes, you cannot choose or change it.

These Topics are always generic and not Academic or Industry specific. Hence most of the participants have some experience and are able to talk about it.

However, some students find it difficult because only one minute is provided to prepare and other than nervousness, or starting, common errors in English could be the stake.

Apart from running out of things to say and extend your answer ; there are some tips to help you look at the Structure of a correct answer; example a Clear opening, a micro or a detailed approach, a clear closing etc.

Describe a Writer you would like to meet.
You should say:
What you know about this Writer
What would you you like to find out about him/her
Explain wwhy you like to meet this writer.


1.Firstly, you should introduce,talk about the Topic on the card. By doing this, you avoid to finish too soon and extend your speech, as long as you keep to the Topic.

2.Question Prompts:

The sub questions help you to outline a detailed approach to the main question. They are the Question propmpts:wh- forms








  1. Who would you like to meet?
  2. What would you like to find out?
  3. What do you know about the person?


3. Weave your story:

Use the one minute to notedown important bullet points of your story without breaking it into answers to subquestions. The story should encompass details of the person, place, or thing your are discussing.

4. Closing:

By mentioning a clear closing (So, In short, In brief) you indicate that you have concluded your answer.

Ex:So, R.K NArayanan, Jane Austen etc is the person/writer I would like to meet.


  1. To have the best IELTS Score, Common errors in Indian English could be avoided by keeping a constant check on:
  2. Tenses
  3. Extensive use of “and”, “then”.
  4. Begining a sentence with “also”, “because”.
  5. Lack of Transitional Expressions

Apart from the main keypoints of your answer,  check on these common errors would help you get the Best IELTS Scores. This can also be a useful way to extend your responses, without speaking excessively wherein the examiner will have to keep interrupting you to move on to the next questions.

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