Soft Skills

Soft Skills Classes

Technical & Job-related skills are a must, but they are not sufficient when it comes to progressing up the ladder. Organisations today find that upgrading the soft skills of their workforce is a necessary part of business. Our soft skills classes focus on those elements of training that require changes in ‘Behavior & Thinking’. Organisations today recognize the strong relationship between the soft skills of their employees & effective customer relationships. Combining Business Communication, Body Language, Mock Interviews, Personality Development and Interpersonal Skills, our learners can discover the effect of an astonishing transformation of their way to interact with colleagues, executives, clients and suppliers.

Written Communication

We run a wide range of professional English writing courses for all types of organisations to help individuals and teams produce clear, accurate and effective documents.

Furthermore, Change Institutes are always with their clients.

Wherever they are, when they need to write an important report/essay/email for business, university or school, they can just send an email to receiving the corrected version within the required time.