Don’t Mix Oranges and Apples

Don’t Mix Oranges and Apples!

“I enjoy our coffee machine conversations but does not mean your work is unaccountable”…

I am polite and courteous but it does not mean you can continue the course for a year….

There is so much around, resilience, a jag of wisdom, first aid to mental wellbeing and so on. The deep dive into all these states, the pressure mounting on Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Team leaders managing relationships with every individual member needs attention too.

Familiarity and the personal approach to every relationship at the workplace and unrealistic obligations anticipated jeopardise opportunities and existing relationships and has become a topic of concern.

Kindness is not weakness and etiquette is a habbit and not a demand for civility. Managing personal and professional relationships within a team or an organization becomes easier when rationality is comprehended of the demand of a job and the permitted parameters of functionality. It fosters better relationships.

Being a people magnet in a professional capacity while managing personal compatibility is no easy job.

Removing oneself from such a situation to explain “Dont mix oranges and apples” and bouncing back from such encounters is certainly emotional labour.

To deciper and comprehend this fact is to retain, maintain and create better relationships.

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