Hope Larger Than Despair

The last week was an opportunity to reflect; for all of us to develop more hands on activist-style engagement with the problems of our time. The deaths of more than ten people around my network these few days has only fueled my thoughts that we stand at a precipice in History that now faces some fundamental and unprecedented questions.

As a separate geological era, the Anthropocene, our so called advances has ironically, created History While #resilience is the word of the era, I cannot stop people weeping, suppress their feelings, pause their needs even if were to be just a cylinder of Oxygen to breathe, for breath is the place we arrive, watching continue our reckless dominion as a species.

The dark menace looming over a year, though staggered economy has now staggered our belief system, faith and hope.

“It is a modern tragedy that despair has many spokesmen and hope so few”…..Hammerstein second

To be or not to be at either end of the spectrum yet outlined with pragmatic optimism, engaging friends, family and clients that persistence or resilience pays off.

A new sector of life is not far away, after all;
“Two men looked out from the prison bars, one saw the mud, the other saw stars “….Dale Carnegie
This too SHALL PASS!

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