Make Space For Happiness!

In a year taken so much away from us, how seeing Change is more important than knowing it.
Being ill for a couple of days now, my glory came to an abrupt pause, able to revise my views constantly using the experimental approach to comprehend its space in our lives in the #newwnow.
What we focus on, impacts what we experience, focus on pain brings forth the best of it, our happiness depends on our focus.
Giving oneself the permission to be happy and making space for it in our lives despite a situation that is contingent.
A choice, we always have a choice in terms of our response and our ability to choose our response determines our present and future happiness.
The good in our life and valuing it in our lives plays a major role in being not just happy but fulfilled, recognizing and living it in this moment.
Kindness the stimulant to happiness contributes the best to your wellbeing, practicing kindness enables you to experience happiness in its true form.
Celebrating others happiness irrespective of your feelings towards them is a bonus to oneself.
Happiness is not something in your head as an abstract but is a full body experience. The meaningful present can prepare for the meaningful uncertain future by cultivating the happiness mindset.

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