Our Connections, Our Communication

Communication does not begin and end at Syntax as emphasized at schools. The ability to communicate a natural instinct is more than exchange of information.

Our basic ability to communicate better, helps us either to genuinely connect to those around us or fail in the most basic of our interactions.

In this context, not a case of proficiency, not the message and at times, not the intent too, it’s the interference of the ego mind. The ego mind predominates ending with incorrect choice of words where the best intent too is lost. Allowing the ego its flight to pretend or withhold can only cause more harm for the ego doesn’t enjoy being exposed. If the focus is to reply, we overlook listening and less is understood.

Sarcasm the worst tool of the electronic culture is only increasing in pace confused with humor .Contempt and scornful nature is not a positive way of communicating. Compassion and empathy should reflect in words.

The simplest way to communicate is to question oneself; Do I want to attract or Repel; There is no alternative to authenticity. Speaking with confidence, clarity, courtesy and expressing ourselves without encroaching on others, respectfully, deepens our connections as our connections are determined by our communication.

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