Performance Management and Uncertain Times!

How prepared are we with our current Performance Management Systems. At a time when the companies need to retain the brightest minds, its time to adopt a fresh approach.

With the workforce geographically dispersed at larger organizations; performance management is not restricted to just having the right people, understanding their best skills and matching them with the best needs of the company.

The new approach should concentrate on the DNA of the culture, climate, technology and communication than succumb to rigidity. Creating an organic culture, getting to know your people on an individualistic approach, encouraging transparent communication, engaging and responding to every time zone empathetically.
Frequent, adaptive and multidirectional communication in consideration with the current comfort of employee engagement and talent management can take different perspective.
Emotional agility and modelling self care should be encouraged while appreciating incremental success with intermittent feedback to avoid lack of focus which could be contagious leaving them feel disingenuous.
when the pace and the scope of change appear to be virtually unprecedented, every micro step helps us through complex, multifaceted change journeys.

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