Spare the Ear, trim the Noise

Spare the Ear, trim the Noise.
Interpretation of the brain electrical waves in the world of Neurosciences is still debatable (Harrisn.E.Rowe)Though the term Noise is comprehended by a large as an undesired disturbance, yet encouraged and failed to be sidelined giving room to clear signals with fruitful outcomes.

With the attention span of the average listener to 5-8 seconds, people fail to send the right signals and also fail to recognize the signals conveying accurate information….oscillating with undesirable information thereby loosing out on the listener..

We are exposed to 95 – 98% of Noise today and most of the information received and ingested is clutter .Noise is in excess and does not add real value. Thus making basic communication incomprehensible and inarticulate.

In this flood, information needs to be well crafted, clear and precise. They fail to hold the attention if they do not appeal and volume communication has no more room.
As Price Pritchett mentions, information gains Value as you reduce Noise.

“Infovomit”, an interesting term expresses it all. Less is hard but effective and listener is not engulfed in the maze.

Keep it precise, let the stylistic shift be managed and controlled by your tone and appealing it shall follow.
SPARE the Ears, TRIM the Noise!

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