Stay Interviews in the new now !

Managers talking to employees always leads to a better worker engagement and Retention; whether a company uses a Stay interview or any other method.
Many a manager, find talking to employees a task and pass the ball is an opted game.While to a few talking to employees comes naturally and not limited to a comfort zone and deadlines.
The minute we are able to find that one reason, that motivates an employee to stay, the more the idea can be reinforced and longer the person will stay.
The replies sometimes may not sound good but blatant to the real goal of an employee. But this short goal could be nourished by a manager as a “Reference source”, would be helpful to the employee where he/she could extend the stay.
Richard Finnegan’s “, the Stay Interview clearly mentions;
“Hard data proves the top reason employees quit is they don’t trust their manager”.
This intriguingly connects personally and professionally as 90% of my programs on people skills and coaching reveal experiences.

In the new now, with the increased hours of work despite efforts to disconnect at both the ends; Stay Interviews seem more valuable, it provides insights that can be used to connect, motivate and retain.

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