Steve Anderson and Bezos Letters

Things have certainly changed and the approach of people too, including mine. From write ups to videos, Business wisdom from consistent learning to household chores that has been helping me through these troubled times; something that inclined me to take the deep dive, The principle of Meaningful differentiation of #Bezos and its interpretation by Steve Anderson.
The pandemic has certainly made me think and act differently but Am I being Meaningfully Different? I took a leap to long hours of aggressive learning, reworking my Business wisdom, the art of showing up, making Business personal, and increasing the Fandom.
The release of my first video with my voiceover and the responses to it raised the bar. The message was trusted and appreciated. I had yet another set of audience included to my #fandom, I had more to offer. I discovered my message was accepted more than me #Nicknanton. I had a story to tell too. I had begun to be “Meaningfully Different.

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