The Twin Devils of Fear and Embarrassment

The hysterical responses to Corona ratify a whole range of additional fears, letting us believe, we live in an age of fear, not restricted to PTSD, or anxiety disorder.

Embarrassment on the other hand, goes unnoticed. Embarrassment holds many people back from actionable steps or growth. It is important to own our feelings of embarrassment, the simplest and the best way to deal with it. We all like to feel and be always perfect but at times could fail as we are human. Self acceptance is the benefit of the feeling of embarrassment.

One such incident, I recall is my Business meeting with an Entrepreneur during my infancy as an entrepreneur at a cafe. My inclination to express my view engrossed me to a point where I finished my glass of juice, drew his and completed half a portion only to notice the dismay on his face which halted me. My embarrassment was indescribable but soon regained composure and accepted and explained my feeling. I noticed i felt better and the emotion was not triggered to shame. Self acceptance and humility are the benefits of embarrassment.

It is important to recognize the emotion to enable to deal with it.
“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary’…Matt Bevin

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