There is no trade off to Nastiness, be an “Idea” or the “Demeanor”, a choice you Make

“Power Corrupts Man, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”! Lord Acton
Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Lord Acton an inclination since Bachelors and their approach to Freedom, Ideal state, Power has applied to civilizations across and relevant to many countries and personalities.
Not limiting Power to the Monarchy or Government but to Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Managers and Consultants across; every crown that leads.
No sooner a Book releases, a movie clicks, a cosmetic range succeeds or a political campaign wins; the signs of humility and civility depleting does not go unnoticed.

The “Follow Button”, an inclination to follow our so called favorites for their ideas, and discoveries we perceive to resonate to discover their unbecoming demeanor in terms of choice of words on various Platforms.

It is easy to be a success and the easiest to lose it. But, the strength lies in handling it with sensitivity and sanity.

Even the Holy scriptures’ across civilizations refers and alerts of the Ego state and the outcome.

The inability of the receptiveness of the brilliant jerks to the efforts of the upcoming ideas of amateurs limits them to their “Ideas, Product and Service”, not the demeanor.

There is no trade off to Nastiness, be an “Idea” or the “Demeanor”, a choice you Make

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