The DNA of Visibility, being seen and the Credibility of being heard, the much discussed, constitute the 2Vs’ of the Master Marketing of oneself and the Business world, the Visual impact and the Voice impact.
The phenomenon of the Look Better part is mastering the Art of being yourself; we invariably focus on what we do and what we sell; but this does not get processed until the first principle of Visibility gathers total responsive behavior of the listener, altered and contributed by physical proximity when required.
Your Credibility lies in your Mastery of What you do and that you can add value; being opinionated in terms of How you do, further adds value in myriad ways.
In the world of superficial online communications,communicating with -Bots, the dearth for true human connections has increased; it is this nuance that catalyzes the opportunity of Visibility to expand space and makes the best.
The results; attempts to demystify the concept of Visibility, creating greater connections and network where the much required and desired “Fanocracy’, as # DavidMeermanScott explains, entails.

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